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How can you earn your CNA Certification?

March 9th, 2011

The opening for certified nursing assistant is currently high because of the rise of the population. The economy might be in crisis, but you can be sure that many are still hiring healthcare related careers like certified nursing assistants with certification. Nursing assistants can work in many places including hospitals, nursing homes, and even at private homes. In some cases, they can even travel from one state to another in order to practice their profession.

In the hospital, they work closely with nurses to monitor the condition of a certain patient. Since nurses are busy with a lot of ward related work and paper works in the hospital, certified nursing assistants play a part in helping the nurses closely monitor a patient’s vital signs. Their work is not limited to monitoring vital signs, however. If a patient is bedridden, it is the nursing assistant’s job to help the patient perform activities that they need help with. They help the patient eat, bathe, brush his teeth and sometimes even give a patient bed baths if they need it. A bedridden client needs to be turned to sides every 2 hours and it is the nursing assistant’s job to make sure that the schedule is followed or the patient will start to suffer from bed sores (painful skin ulcerations). Nursing assistants are limited in their practice as they are unable to asses newly admitted patients and can only care for a patient with an appliance like tracheostomy, nasogastric tubes or jejunostomy if they are supervised closely by a registered nurse. Once they are experienced in caring for patients that need special care, they can function independently as home health aides or nursing assistants who work in the home.

Earning CNA certification can get you a job with a prospective employer as many would want to hire someone who has proven that they can get the job done. You can become a certified nursing assistant after you finish a CNA certification program in a community college or vocational school. A CNA certification program usually lasts for 6-12 weeks and in that time you will learn all about the basics of caring for a patient. A registered nurse will usually teach the class about body mechanics, lifting and positioning concepts, and medical terminologies as well as the basic apparatuses you will be exposed to in the hospital. The class will usually have 16 hours of clinical experience in addition to their 72 hours of clinical training.

In a typical CNA certification exam, there will be two parts which include theoretical and practical applications of everything you have learned in the past few weeks. The theoretical exam is a test of your memory, but the practical application is a bit more challenging. During the practical exam, you will be asked to demonstrate your skills as a nursing assistant. The demonstration can vary from lifting a dropped object to bathing a client so you should be prepared for anything during the practical exam. Once you pass the exam, you are finally a certified nursing assistant who can work for any employ

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