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How can you earn your CNA Certification?

March 9th, 2011
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The opening for certified nursing assistant is currently high because of the rise of the population. The economy might be in crisis, but you can be sure that many are still hiring healthcare related careers like certified nursing assistants with certification. Nursing assistants can work in many places including hospitals, nursing homes, and even at private homes. In some cases, they can even travel from one state to another in order to practice their profession.

In the hospital, they work closely with nurses to monitor the condition of a certain patient. Since nurses are busy with a lot of ward related work and paper works in the hospital, certified nursing assistants play a part in helping the nurses closely monitor a patient’s vital signs. Their work is not limited to monitoring vital signs, however. If a patient is bedridden, it is the nursing assistant’s job to help the patient perform activities that they need help with. They help the patient eat, bathe, brush his teeth and sometimes even give a patient bed baths if they need it. A bedridden client needs to be turned to sides every 2 hours and it is the nursing assistant’s job to make sure that the schedule is followed or the patient will start to suffer from bed sores (painful skin ulcerations). Nursing assistants are limited in their practice as they are unable to asses newly admitted patients and can only care for a patient with an appliance like tracheostomy, nasogastric tubes or jejunostomy if they are supervised closely by a registered nurse. Once they are experienced in caring for patients that need special care, they can function independently as home health aides or nursing assistants who work in the home.

Earning CNA certification can get you a job with a prospective employer as many would want to hire someone who has proven that they can get the job done. You can become a certified nursing assistant after you finish a CNA certification program in a community college or vocational school. A CNA certification program usually lasts for 6-12 weeks and in that time you will learn all about the basics of caring for a patient. A registered nurse will usually teach the class about body mechanics, lifting and positioning concepts, and medical terminologies as well as the basic apparatuses you will be exposed to in the hospital. The class will usually have 16 hours of clinical experience in addition to their 72 hours of clinical training.

In a typical CNA certification exam, there will be two parts which include theoretical and practical applications of everything you have learned in the past few weeks. The theoretical exam is a test of your memory, but the practical application is a bit more challenging. During the practical exam, you will be asked to demonstrate your skills as a nursing assistant. The demonstration can vary from lifting a dropped object to bathing a client so you should be prepared for anything during the practical exam. Once you pass the exam, you are finally a certified nursing assistant who can work for any employ

Trade School Education

Beauty and Nail Care

December 23rd, 2010
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Nail technicians are professionals that gives nail, hand and foot treatments. These nail technicians must possess depth knowledge on nails like the basic knowledge needed for foot and hand massage techniques and application of nail polish. It is important for them to use their knowledge and skills in offer these nail services. Nail technicians provides professional nail, foot and hand treatments by following spa protocols and accepted practices. They must take good care of the nail equipments and use it properly to help in controlling cost. Maintaining the standards of sterilization and sanitation by following procedures, policies and laws is a must. They must perform prep work by keeping the environment clean and restock all items used. They should know how to deal and communicate with the management and clients. Nail technicians should also know how to handle the concerns and questions of the clients in a courteous and professional way. They should also provide care and respond appropriately to the guests request to meet their needs and satisfaction. Nail technicians are also required to attend and participate in staff meetings and trainings. They must learn how to promote a safe, organized and clean working environment by practicing safe working habits at all times.

The nail technician profession is a profession that requires not only the basic trainings but also certification. One must enroll in a program that is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology in your State. A lot of nail technician schools offer classes on sanitation and sterilization, bacteriology, anatomy of the nails, skin, nerves, circulation and so on. They must also be aware of the different nail diseases and disorders, skin diseases and disorders. They are also taught in how to do treatments for the hands and feet, how to run their own business, how to do reflexology and how to maximize professional and customer service. Once a person has completed all the course study that usually includes 600 hours of instruction, they must be prepared to take the next step which is certification and state board licensing.

After the licensing, one will be able to look for employment that will give them practical experience and training. Employment opportunities for certified and licensed nail technicians includes working on a health or day spa, nail salon, hotels, hair salons and one can also work as a freelance nail technician.

The starting salary for nail technicians are around $15,000 but with the proper time and experience it can go up to $40,000. The highest potential for careers in this industry is for these nail technicians who get into nail art business or open their own nail salons. Nail technicians with special skills in giving nail artworks can earn much higher salaries. When one is thinking of starting their own business, they need to work as a technician to improve their skills. With the business plan and financing, one can work towards opening their own business. Those who are interested in opening their own salons can benefit greatly in management and accounting.

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Trade Schooling over College

March 7th, 2009

If you are tired of your dead end job, why keep working it? Did you know that you complete a trade school course in a matter of weeks with a degree and be on your way to a better life for you and your family? Technical trade schools are everywhere and offer a great alternative to a traditional college or university.

You can learn the skills needed to aquire a job in hundreds of fields including, nursing, arts, cooking, air conditioning and heating, among many others. A traditional college course can take upwards of three years, as where a trade school degree can be aquired in usually 2 years or less. Some courses can even be completed in as little as 6 weeks.

Trade schools can get you in and out so fast, because they concentrate on teaching you exactly what you need to know to get the job you want, and nothing else. There is no wasted time learning math or english when you dont need it for a specefic job. One of the main complaints from students attending a traditional college or university, is the fact that they have to take a lot of basic courses that they will never need in the real world. Many times these basic courses have nothing to do with the degree they are trying to get.

A trade school is a great way to get the job of your dreams, and can be done easily, and affordably. If you do not have the money up front, do not worry, as you can apply for loans and grants just as you would for any other school you want to attend. Job placement is very high for students who attend and complete trade schools. This is due to the fact that many trade schools have job placement programs to help you find a job when you receive your degree.

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