How can you earn your CNA Certification?

March 9th, 2011
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The opening for certified nursing assistant is currently high because of the rise of the population. The economy might be in crisis, but you can be sure that many are still hiring healthcare related careers like certified nursing assistants with certification. Nursing assistants can work in many places including hospitals, nursing homes, and even at private homes. In some cases, they can even travel from one state to another in order to practice their profession.

In the hospital, they work closely with nurses to monitor the condition of a certain patient. Since nurses are busy with a lot of ward related work and paper works in the hospital, certified nursing assistants play a part in helping the nurses closely monitor a patient’s vital signs. Their work is not limited to monitoring vital signs, however. If a patient is bedridden, it is the nursing assistant’s job to help the patient perform activities that they need help with. They help the patient eat, bathe, brush his teeth and sometimes even give a patient bed baths if they need it. A bedridden client needs to be turned to sides every 2 hours and it is the nursing assistant’s job to make sure that the schedule is followed or the patient will start to suffer from bed sores (painful skin ulcerations). Nursing assistants are limited in their practice as they are unable to asses newly admitted patients and can only care for a patient with an appliance like tracheostomy, nasogastric tubes or jejunostomy if they are supervised closely by a registered nurse. Once they are experienced in caring for patients that need special care, they can function independently as home health aides or nursing assistants who work in the home.

Earning CNA certification can get you a job with a prospective employer as many would want to hire someone who has proven that they can get the job done. You can become a certified nursing assistant after you finish a CNA certification program in a community college or vocational school. A CNA certification program usually lasts for 6-12 weeks and in that time you will learn all about the basics of caring for a patient. A registered nurse will usually teach the class about body mechanics, lifting and positioning concepts, and medical terminologies as well as the basic apparatuses you will be exposed to in the hospital. The class will usually have 16 hours of clinical experience in addition to their 72 hours of clinical training.

In a typical CNA certification exam, there will be two parts which include theoretical and practical applications of everything you have learned in the past few weeks. The theoretical exam is a test of your memory, but the practical application is a bit more challenging. During the practical exam, you will be asked to demonstrate your skills as a nursing assistant. The demonstration can vary from lifting a dropped object to bathing a client so you should be prepared for anything during the practical exam. Once you pass the exam, you are finally a certified nursing assistant who can work for any employ

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Optical Laboratory Technician

February 4th, 2011
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Another intriguing branch of laboratory technician careers is being an optical laboratory technician. They are also called optical mechanics. Their job is to develop spectacle lenses in accordance with prescriptions issued by ophthalmologists and optometrists. Optical laboratory technicians are trained to operate grinding machines. These machines are used in cutting, grinding and polishing lenses according to the specifications given by the eye medics. Optical mechanics are also responsible in creating lenses for optical equipment such as telescopes, microscopes, refractors and projectors. The heart of their job is focused on selecting and marking the appropriate lens blanks with the use of a lens measuring device so that they can cut the pieces in accuracy.

Once they are done cutting the polishing the lens, the optical laboratory technician will put the lens on the frames. The frames may be metallic, rimless or plastic. The finish product will undergo a final inspection to make sure that it meets the eye medic’s specifications. If there are any errors, then at least they can be corrected and adjusted before the lens is released to the patient or doctor. Optical lens technicians can also repair broken spectacles or lenses. In such cases, the optical mechanic can use the original prescription or analyze the remaining lens and copy them for the new lenses. Optical technicians must pay close attention to details so that they can correctly identify and calibrate the correct lenses. They should be able to follow the eye medic’s prescription with precision and accuracy.

Incorrect lenses can cause headaches, eye strains, and in worse cases, deteriorating eye sight for the patients. So it is very important that optical mechanics do their job well and deliver a set of correctly calibrated lenses. Errors cannot be tolerated in making lens for highly sensitive equipment like microscopes and telescopes. These equipment are deemed to be products of high technology so they are expected to have high performance as well. Incorrect lenses will affect the medical and scientific research or laboratory work that the equipment will be used for. The lens that is mounted on such equipment should be made with the highest degree of precision and accuracy. There is certainly no room for error in this type of laboratory technician career. It is considered vital that optical mechanics follow an eye medic’s prescription in utmost detail.

If you want to be an optical laboratory technician, you must have excellent grades in mathematics and science. A good aptitude in chemistry, geometry, biology, computer science and even algebra will be your stepping stone towards having a successful career in this field. One good thing about this career is it doesn’t require you to have a degree in college. Attending technical training programs and getting on-the-job experiences are the way to go to land a job as an optical laboratory technician. Technical programs usually last for six months to one year. Once you are done with the training, you can work in any optical laboratory. You can also opt to work in retail stores, optometrist’s or ophthalmologist’s clinic. This is definitely a career that you would want to look into as they are always high on demand.

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Beauty and Nail Care

December 23rd, 2010
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Nail technicians are professionals that gives nail, hand and foot treatments. These nail technicians must possess depth knowledge on nails like the basic knowledge needed for foot and hand massage techniques and application of nail polish. It is important for them to use their knowledge and skills in offer these nail services. Nail technicians provides professional nail, foot and hand treatments by following spa protocols and accepted practices. They must take good care of the nail equipments and use it properly to help in controlling cost. Maintaining the standards of sterilization and sanitation by following procedures, policies and laws is a must. They must perform prep work by keeping the environment clean and restock all items used. They should know how to deal and communicate with the management and clients. Nail technicians should also know how to handle the concerns and questions of the clients in a courteous and professional way. They should also provide care and respond appropriately to the guests request to meet their needs and satisfaction. Nail technicians are also required to attend and participate in staff meetings and trainings. They must learn how to promote a safe, organized and clean working environment by practicing safe working habits at all times.

The nail technician profession is a profession that requires not only the basic trainings but also certification. One must enroll in a program that is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology in your State. A lot of nail technician schools offer classes on sanitation and sterilization, bacteriology, anatomy of the nails, skin, nerves, circulation and so on. They must also be aware of the different nail diseases and disorders, skin diseases and disorders. They are also taught in how to do treatments for the hands and feet, how to run their own business, how to do reflexology and how to maximize professional and customer service. Once a person has completed all the course study that usually includes 600 hours of instruction, they must be prepared to take the next step which is certification and state board licensing.

After the licensing, one will be able to look for employment that will give them practical experience and training. Employment opportunities for certified and licensed nail technicians includes working on a health or day spa, nail salon, hotels, hair salons and one can also work as a freelance nail technician.

The starting salary for nail technicians are around $15,000 but with the proper time and experience it can go up to $40,000. The highest potential for careers in this industry is for these nail technicians who get into nail art business or open their own nail salons. Nail technicians with special skills in giving nail artworks can earn much higher salaries. When one is thinking of starting their own business, they need to work as a technician to improve their skills. With the business plan and financing, one can work towards opening their own business. Those who are interested in opening their own salons can benefit greatly in management and accounting.

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Medical Assistant Career Programs

November 23rd, 2010
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When deciding to have a career as a certified medical assistant, the first step is to always check and read on the job descriptions for medical assistants for a person to know the nature if the job. The duties of medical assistants doffer on the position that one has in the institution and also on the location of the clinic since every job differs from one State t another. The focal point of the medical assistant training is to help and make sure that back office and administrative duties are done. These tasks are important since this ensures the efficiency of the institution.

Medical assistants job includes working with patients and carries out all task needed for the care. These responsibilities start from organizing and taking medical records, recording vital signs and takes note of the patients status. Medical assistants are a part of the health care team and works with nurses and doctors. These medical assistants also deal with the patients and discusses to them prescriptions as well as diets needed to be avoided. Some may also assist and perform major tasks like performing x-rays, laboratory tests and so on. Medical assistants also work with different medical specialist like optometrist and etc. Ophthalmic medical assistants help patients with vision problems. People thinking of becoming a medical assistant should make sure that they are comfortable and willing to do a lot of tasks from administrative to scientific duties. Operating a medical clinic and making sure that everything is running smoothly requires a lot of skills to make sure that the proper care is given to the patients. Medical assistants must have a well groomed appearance since they are working with the public. He or she must have a pleasant manner to keep patients relaxed and explain every instruction clearly Medical assistants must know to work hard in order to meet the demands of the health care industry.

Many individuals looking for medical assistant schools are not sure where to begin. Medical assisting is now one of those careers that is growing rapidly. So how can one search for the best medical assistant school? First thing to do is to determine if you can fit in to your schedule the program. When choosing for a medical assistant program, consider the available time that you have. If you have no time, one can choose to have online courses that will allow a person more flexibility on his or her own schedule. A person can check out online programs in different colleges.

One can check on the internet the list of schools offering online programs and contact them for further details. If one has chosen to have sit in lectures, one can visit the schools in the community offer the program. One can go to the Department of Education in every State and ask for the accredited schools. Look for an internship in local health institution. If one is thinking of completing the program online, this will give him or her more opportunity to do networking in finding employers. While one is completing the medical assistant program, determine if on what area you are interested. One may enjoy working with dermatologist, optometrist and the like.

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Phlebotomy Technician Training

November 23rd, 2010
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Phlebotomy is one special field in medicine that is highly rewarding. This career does not require you to spend long hours of classroom lectures. You just need to undergo and finish the required training program to acquire the skills and knowledge for this career. Phlebotomy is a technique of collecting blood specimens or drawing out of blood samples from a patient. They could also work in blood donating centers. These skills could only be acquired by undergoing and completing the specialized training. Phlebotomy technician should create a trust relation ambiance with the patient or donor since most people are not used to the sight of blood. The pay for this job is very competitive especially for technicians with certifications and experience.  This specialize procedure is relatively new thus the demand for phlebotomy is vastly growing. This is a good career to ponder. You just need to have the knowledge and courage to draw blood samples.

The training usually reaches up to one year and would give you a certification or diploma upon completion. You need to have a high school diploma or an equivalent certification to enroll in this program. Ensure that you enroll in an accredited school to make it easier to get employed. Choose the best program that offer hands on training since this method is advantageous in acquiring skills. The students learn how to properly extract blood with a lease amount of pain to a patient. This requires extreme practice to master. The course also covers the field of anatomy, blood and cell composition, blood sampling and other safety procedures. Students are train to properly handle lab equipments and keeping it sterile. They will also be taught special techniques such as the finger stick method that is commonly used for people with damage veins. The salary and earnings for a phlebotomy technician is high and rewarding. Several variables will play a role in the average phlebotomist technician salary such as educational background, experience level, geographic location and job demand. You also get to enjoy countless benefits given by the hospital or establishment. Although certification is optional, it is best to pass a certification exam to increase your chances of getting employed in a large company. Test for certification are usually govern by this three large bodies:

·    American Society for Clinical Pathology(ACSP)
·    American Medical Technologists
·    American Society for Phlebotomy Technicians

You would have a higher paycheck if you acquire certifications. You just need continuous education to maintain your certification status. The salary range for a phlebotomist technician usually ranges from $21,356 to $25,779 annually. The values may vary according to your level of education, location, and experience. Your paycheck would depend on your perseverance and quality of work. Do not take this job lightly, it is an important task assigned to people with special skills. Without phlebotomist, doctors would have a hard time diagnosing the illness of the patient so it is important to know the vitality of this job before enrolling. Pursue this career and you would not regret the number of opportunities and rewards. Check out your nearest college or vocational schools to learn more about this amazing course.

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Overview on Massage Therapy

November 22nd, 2010
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It’s no secret that the field of health care offers great job opportunities. There is a wide range of career paths to choose from in this field of study. Choosing the right career that would fit your ability is the hard part. You could choose multiple careers but its best to master a certain field of study. If you are an enthusiast in the field of healthcare then you might want to look into a massage therapy career. This one good path compensates well, compared to other careers.

This job concentrates on providing customers with therapeutic and curative service. Massage Therapist are often called Masseurs. There is a wide number of massage parlor and establishments today. Masseurs often work in this establishment or they could be self-employed. They do home services or have their own set of clients. Masseurs help relax their customer through giving a comfortable and soothing massage thus relieving them of anxiety and stress. They usually use their hand in massaging but mechanical vibrating equipments could also add more comforting feeling.  They could also offer special treatments such as dry heat, infrared light and other therapy that could aid in comforting the customer. These may vary according to the demand of the customer or may be due to a physician’s instruction.

Aspiring massage therapist could enroll in schools that offer this course. There is a formal training program for these. Most schools require a high school diploma in enrolling for this program. The training program would lasts within the range of 6-12 months. The curriculum includes the theory and practices on how to effectively provide a massage. Classes in medical fields such as physiology, anatomy and other related subjects could also widen up the knowledge of the student. It is recommended to acquire certain certifications since most states require it.  Having advance education could also boost up your chances of getting a high salary and job security. It is best to take up certification and licensure exams.

Opportunities in this career are extremely bright. You could easily earn money from this job. Consumers spend up to $4 to $6 billion a year just to get a massage therapy. This job usually earns in a per hour basis. If customers are satisfied with your service then you could also gain some extra cash. Usually, per hour rate is about $15.36. If you do the calculation then you would see how great the monetary gain this job offers. Tips or gratuities could greatly boost up your income. Make sure you work well and make the customer fell relaxed and comfort. Aside from having an employer, therapist could do home services thereby increasing their income.

Do not take this career lightly. You could help overworked people by providing them therapy while you also get paid high for doing it. You just need to persevere and work hard to be able to master this craft. You would never regret taking up this career. You could rip the benefits at the end by gaining a high pay from your hard work.

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EKG Technical Careers are Growing Fast

August 3rd, 2010
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If you’re looking for a new career, why not look into the EKG technician careers? They offer an exciting choice of job opportunities that you will surely be encouraged to apply to. So if you are interested to become an EKG technician, it is important that you make sure first that it is indeed the right career path for you. EKG means electrocardiogram. The main purpose of this career is to perform an electrocardiogram or EKG for patients with heart problems. The EKG measures the electrical activity of a person’s heart. This process only takes five minutes to be complete. An EKG technician connects the electrodes to the patient to get a reading on the machine.

EKG technicians have a list of job responsibilities. They set up the room for the EKG tests and they greet their patients as well as explain the procedure to them. After setting up the EKG machine, they will operate it to produce an EKG reading that is to be conferred with a physician or doctor. They also need to print out the results of the reading to be analyzed by the doctor or physician. They are responsible in cleaning up the room after the tests are taken and they also do some clerical works.

EKG technicians work in a hospital doing inpatient and outpatient care. They can also get hired in a physician’s office or a cardiology clinic. They can also get a job in other health care institutions. Non-medical establishments like insurance companies also hire EKG technicians. They are asked to establish life insurance policies.
EKG technicians usually doesn’t need to be a graduate in college, but some areas in the country now requires for them to have an Associate’s degree and clinical experience. Some areas even require them to be licensed or to be certified in first aid and CPR. EKG technicians can obtain their clinical experience through schooling. Students are taken to hospitals as a class and they are given hands-on experience with EKG. They can also gain more experience if they volunteer or do shadowing.

Like many other areas in the medical world, EKG technician careers are fast growing. It is deemed to expand about 20 percent in the next decade. The positive side in choosing this career is that they will only need two years of schooling then they will be employed. If they pursue further studies then chances are they will get promoted. The annual salary of an EKG technician ranges from $35,000 to $50,000. Since EKG stands for electrocardiogram, EKG technician’s main task is to perform electrocardiograms to be able to monitor a person’s cardiovascular system. Their specific roles though vary from their employer and area of work.  For example, EKG technicians that are assigned in the emergency room may be asked to do additional tasks that are a bit different to an EKG technician working in private cardiologist’s clinic. In a nutshell, an EKG technician’s job is to prepare the EKG room, set up the EKG equipment, perform electrocardiograms and clean up the EKG room after the test is done.

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X Ray Tech Career Outlook

April 26th, 2010
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X-ray Technicians also known as Radiologic Technicians or Radiographers take x-rays of certain parts of the patient’s body for diagnostic examination. These x-ray films allow the radiologist to study the area to find various medical problems.

The X-ray Technician needs to prepare the patient making sure there is not any jewelry or other items that will block the x-ray. Put simply the x-ray cannot pass through these items. They also have to set up lead shields or other protection devices from radiation. This is for the patient’s benefit as well as to protect the X-ray Tech. Measurements will need to be taken and the controls have to be set per the doctor’s instructions. The radiographic equipment has to be positioned at exactly the correct angle and at the right height over the patient’s body. They have to conform to regulation standards and follow the physician’s orders exactly in order to protect the patient, themselves, and even their coworkers from possible harmful amounts of radiation exposure. Adjusting and maintaining radiologic equipment is also part of the job. They have to be in pretty descent physical condition since they sometimes stand for long periods of time. Lifting and moving patients may also be necessary at times.

An X-ray Technician uses particular articles which will help prevent unnecessary radiation exposure too. These include gloves, lead aprons, and other shielding devices. It is also important to monitor exposure to radiation. There are instruments used specifically for this purpose in the radiation department. The X-ray Tech will have a badge that measures the radiation level in the radiation zone. In addition a record is kept of the technician’s increasing lifetime collective dose.

Federal legislature requires that any operators of radiologic equipment be properly trained to use such equipment. Most but not all of the states in the U.S. A. also require licensure. But the requirements for licensure will vary in the different states so a prospective X-ray Technician should contact the State Board of Health for details pertaining to their particular state.

Formal training can be obtained through colleges, universities, or hospitals. The radiology student can receive either an associate degree or a certificate. The certificate programs might be a little shorter but it will still take close to 2 years to complete. However both program types can be accredited. Some of the coursework will include anatomy, patient care procedures, principles of imaging, medical terminology, positioning of patients, and medical ethics.

Radiography is a form of diagnostic imaging and in general, employment in the field is expected to increase over the next 8 years to about 17 percent by 2018. X-ray Technicians can advance as Radiologic Technologists. They would have to learn other types of diagnostic imaging such as CT, MRI, or mammography. Usually an X-ray Tech will be employed in a hospital but there may also be opportunities in doctor’s offices and in diagnostic imaging centers.

A nice career can be made as an x ray technician and salaries will vary depending on many things. Career experience can effect the average x ray technician salary, as well as your previous schooling, continued education, location and job demand. All these factors among many others will definitely play a large role in determining how much pay will be included in an x ray technicians annual salary. You can also expect top notch health and vacation benefits that will only add to this careers appeal.

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Respiratory Therapy as a Career

April 26th, 2010
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Are you considering Respiratory Therapy as a profession? First think about what a Respiratory Therapist does. A Respiratory Therapist assists patients with lung disorders. These disorders can range from a newborn with underdeveloped lungs to the elderly with diseased lungs to trauma patients whose lungs were damaged. The Respiratory Therapist also known as a Respiratory Care Practitioner has the responsibility to assess the situation, decide on treatment, and support the progress of these patients. Their patients may also include those with chronic asthma or emphysema.

Diagnostic tests performed by a Respiratory Therapist may include measuring a patient’s lung capacity or testing for oxygen, carbon dioxide, and blood pH levels. Treatments might involve inhalers, ventilators, or chest physiotherapy. A good respiratory therapist is aware of a patient’s psychological needs as well as their physical needs.

Next, put some thought into where you would work. Respiratory Therapists work in hospitals, at doctor’s offices, clinics, and in home care. Since hospitals are active around the clock, working in a hospital means that they could work at any time. This is likely the first place a new Respiratory Therapist would work. Hospitals are very appropriate settings for the new RT because it will always seem like an emergency to a patient who cannot breathe. The new Respiratory Therapist will learn how to quickly diagnose, treat, and care for these distressed patients. As a matter of fact, in 2008, 81 percent of Respiratory Therapists worked in hospitals and most of the projected growth in the field is expected in this setting although relative growth is expected in all areas.

What is the future for Respiratory Therapy? Projected employment for Respiratory Therapists is at the highest level possible. Growth from 2008 to 2018 is expected to be about a 21 percent increase. This is much higher than average. Job seekers should find that there are many more jobs available than there are competitors for those jobs.

There are also a number of opportunities for advancement in this field. Respiratory Therapists can press forward to supervisory or managerial positions. They might progress from basic care to caring for the critically ill patients. Other opportunities might be in home health, teaching, or equipment rental and servicing.

How much would you make as a Respiratory Therapist? A Respiratory Therapist Salary can be as little as $37,000 per year to as much as $69,000 per year. Median pay is about $52,000 with the average being between $44,000 and $61,000 per year. In this case average means the middle 50 percent.

How long will it take to become a Respiratory Therapist and what degrees are needed? Respiratory Therapists must have at least an associate’s degree. An associate degree is a 2 year degree. With that degree the student will be considered a Certified Respiratory Therapist. For advancement in the field, the Respiratory Therapist would need to be a Registered Respiratory Therapist. A bachelor’s degree and extra exams are required for that credential. A bachelor’s degree is a 4 year degree. Licensure is required in every state except Alaska and Hawaii.

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Choosing an online Degree

April 4th, 2009

Why go to college when you can stay home while your at college? Going to school from the privacy of your own home is one of the fastest growing forms of education. Choosing an online degree may be the only hard part about it. There are hundreds of online courses to get you the certificate or degree you need to get your career jump started and start making some serious money.

Online courses can be completed in as little as a few weeks, up to a couple years. One very important factor when deciding on an online course to take, is making sure that the course you choose is an accredited one. Spending the time and money to complete a program that is not accredited can almost be a complete waste of time. Not only will your employer look for your certificate or degree, but the will checl to make sure that the program you took was for accredited degrees online.

Once you have researched your course of choice, and made sure it is accredited, enrolling is as easy as sitting in your desk chair and filling out the necessary forms. You can apply for grants, loans, and scholarships for online degrees just like you would for a traditional college or university.

Never feel like it is too late to go back to school. Many people feel that once they have taken a break from school for too long, that they will never be able to go back and complete a program that will land them a better paying job. Do not feel this way, it is never too late, and with the convenience of online schools, it is now easier than ever.

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